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Injection moulding

Gas injection moulding, the processing of high temperature polymers or conventional production - we offer a broad spectrum of high quality moulding parts.

We can produce our moulding parts on machines with mould clamping pressures ranging from 50 tons to 275 tons. All our machinery is equipped with CNC controlles demoulding robots as well as a control for the gas injection technologies. Our product portfolio ranges from components with less than one gram to parts with more than 400 grams. To further strengthen our position in the worldwide competitive market we are constantly thinking of ways to improve our competences in working with different plastics. Except for the standard thermoplastics used in the injection moulding we are able to apply our expertise in working with high temperature plastics.

As one of the leading companies in the segment of gas injection moulding we have a close cooperation with Linde Group. Through the resulting patents we have the opportunity to continuously develop our key competences and setting us apart from our competitors. A future orientated variety as well as constant training for our employees guarantee highest quality along with a stable production process.