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Start of production of an automotive project

At the beginning of this year Engel Formenbau und Spritzguss GmbH started with the series production and assembly of one of the largest automotive projects in the company's history. To realize this project…

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Summer Fair 2016

On Saturday the 17. of September 2016 the company's Engel Formenbau und Spritzguss GmbH and H+E celebrated their annual summer fair on company grounds in Sinsheim, Lange Straße This year the summer fair…

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Students visiting Engel

In the last week before the Summer Break Engel had a visit from our “colleagues of tomorrow”. The 7th grade students of the Realschule Bad Schönborn that take the class “technics and mechanics” were paying…

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Volksbank Company Run 2016

This year the companies Engel Formenbau und Spritzguss GmbH and H+E Automotive GmbH started at the Volksbank Company Run together again. With a total of 28 runners in 7 teams and numerous co-workers cheering,…

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Successfully Completed Certification: Information Security in Organizations

As development partner of renowned German automobile manufacturers suppliers have to follow strict guidelines with respect to information security.  To survive as a designer and producer of prototype parts…

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Delyed Christmas Surprise for Charity

The two firms Engel Formenbau und Spritzguss GmbH and H+E Automotive GmbH were happy to provide the Kinderhilfefonds Kraichgau with a delayed Christmas surprise. The companies decided to make a donation…

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CO2 Interior Cooling

In a cooperation with the companies Linde and Maximator, Engel Formenbau und Spritzguss GmbH will further develop the area of CO2 Inner-Part Cooling. In comparison to conventional processes, the cooling…

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Successful University Graduation

After Sarah Engel had already successfully completed her cooperative Bachelor studies in International Business at Engel Formenbau und Spritzguss GmbH from 2011 to 2014, the executive Master studies followed.…

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