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award ceremony - congratulations to our trainees

Two of our trainees visited a lecture from the “Wirtschaftsforum Sinsheim”.The occasion therefor was to start a project which is called “mission rocket-job”. It´s a project for budding trainees who are still in search for a company where they can start their apprenticeship. Therefor the mission was that trainees from companies from the region Sinsheim should make a short video clip where they present their company and their particular education expertise to give budding trainees the incentive to get interested in these companies so maybe they will apply themselves there.

At the end, 12 companies decided to join this project and created their own video clip. A selection committee rated each video. The first, second and third winner could win a price sponsored by the “Wirtschaftsforum Sinsheim” and the company Hochwarth IT from Neckarbischofsheim.  

We are more than happy tell you that the video clip from company Engel won the 1. Place out of 12 videos.

Hereby we congratulate our trainees and former trainees that they were a part of this mission and that they have done their best to create such an amazing video clip which can be viewed at “NEWS”. Have fun watching!


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