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donation in year 2018

This year as well, it was a very huge pleasure for the companies Engel Formenbau und Spritzguss GmbH and H+E Automotive GmbH to support the “Kraichgau Werkstatt” with a donation.

Sarah Engel, head of marketing from both companies handed over the donation check over 4000€ to the institution for people with handicaps. She was accompanied by the two accounting clerks Gerline Bauer and Claudia Krebs.

At the “Kraichgau Werkstatt” people with handicaps get the chance to do work tasks like textile care, mounting preparations up to tasks in the joinery.

Roland Bauer, managing director of the Kraichgau Werkstatt, said that the received donation will mainly benefit the ones with the strongest handicaps. So now they are able to expand the offer for a special riding therapy which can be used by nearly everyone. Elisabeth Buchwald said now this can be only implemented because of the donation from the both companies.

Hearing something like that makes a company even happier.

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