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Start of production of an automotive project

At the beginning of this year Engel Formenbau und Spritzguss GmbH started with the series production and assembly of one of the largest automotive projects in the company's history. To realize this project with a scope of several million parts per year, for one of Germany's leading OEMs, Engel moved into a new assembly facility. To enable a flexible production and assembly, intelligent asssembly machines and packaging stations were designed in close cooperation with machine manufacturers. Machines and workers can commnicate with each other in a way that allows a self-organizing production, which merges several working steps into one and enables the ergonomically correct design of the workstation at the same time.

Assembly Hall

To ensure a stable logistics process and an on-time delivery at the customer, a transportation strategy was defined in cooperation with the local logistics provider Wolf Spedition. Due to the large scope of the project and the number of products delivered, a new truck trailer was purchased specifically for this project.


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