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Students visiting Engel

In the last week before the Summer Break Engel had a visit from our “colleagues of tomorrow”. The 7th grade students of the Realschule Bad Schönborn that take the class “technics and mechanics” were paying a visit.

After a short theoretical introduction, the head of Production, Mr. Magnus welcomed the students and practically showed and explained the basics of plastic injection molding. The in-house tool shop was also ready for the visitors. Head of tooling Mr. Heinisch and his colleague Mr. Karrer explained the process of tool construction and the function of a molding tool. Afterwards an assembly station was examined to round off a products life cycle from production to assembly.   

The practical insight into an organizations processes can help the students to gain a better understanding of the technical and professional requirements in a manufacturing firm. We were very happy to welcome the students here and hope we were able to organize an informative and exciting day at our facility.

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