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Summer Fair 2016

On Saturday the 17. of September 2016 the company's Engel Formenbau und Spritzguss GmbH and H+E celebrated their annual summer fair on company grounds in Sinsheim, Lange Straße

This year the summer fair took place according to the motto "fun fair", with many activities like a formal tapping of a barrel, horseshoe pitching, can knockdown, strongman game, hit the nail and a shooting gallery. The physically wellbeing was cared for in fun fair style: Sausages and steaks, fries, cotton candy, popcorn and delicious snacks from a vendor's tray sweetened the evening.

Like last year both company's donated money to local organizations. This year a donation wen to Kiwanis Club Sinsheim, who among other things supports children from low-income backrounds with schoolbags and school utensils. As representatives for the Kiwanis Club Mr Barlet and Mr Jung accepted the donation on site. Another donation went to the Kinderhilfefonds Kraichgau.

 Gruppenbild der Firmen Engel und H+E

We would like to thank everyone who helped to organize the summer fair and hope every employee had fun and enjoyed the evening.


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