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Automotive is one of the most dynamic business segments of Engel Formenbau und Spritzguss GmbH. The emphasis is on the development and production of high quality plastic molded parts for the automobile interior. Reference products are especially roof grab handles and door handles produced with the gas-injection molding process.

Household Appliances

Company Engel has its roots in the household appliances industry, in the segment of White Goods. The company possesses extensive knowhow and has years of experience in this sector. Engel produces and develops kinematic parts, as well as products like refrigerator handles, shelves that are adjustable in height and a “door-in-door bar” for the Asian market.


Renewable Energy

An important factor that allowed Engel to establish itself in the sector of Renewable Energies is the capability to process and mold high-temperature polymers.The products in this sector are carriers for parts of solar panels that go through further chemical processing.  The high quality and chemical resistance of the parts produced is therefore highly important.

Housing Technology

The segment of housing technology includes products like fittings as connection for pipes in house construction, but also window handles with an ergonomic design and features. Products in this segment are also molded with high-temperature polymers, like PPSU for example. In-house design capabilities and innovative production processes are also used in this business unit.